Handling media files

Here we discuss Legion's new strict enforcement of a centralized media file folder strategy and how you benefit.

Centralized file storage:

In previous versions, anytime a file was added to the playlist, the full path to its original location would be stored. When a playlist asset was selected to play, the system would find the file using this individual file path. For the most part this worked okay, but if that file was ever moved from that location the system would not be able to find it and would error anytime you tried calling it up.  This is even more problematic if you needed to transfer an entire event to another computer. First off you would need to go hunting for them possibly in numerous locations, then pilling them into a single portable drive.
Fine you now have downloaded the files on the portable to the new computer. But if you didn’t place them using the exact same drive and folder paths, anytime you try load the original playlist, none of the embedded file paths will match. Consequently, causing repeated errors as the system tries to load each one.
Now you have no choice but to rebuild the entire playlist from scratch.
By insisting that every file be contained in one folder, (‘Event Asset Folder’), the playlist does not need to keep track of all the various locations instead it just only stores the file name itself. The path where the file came from is striped off. Now when a file is called up, the system only must query the one default event folder to find it.
Now if we need to move all the event files to another computer, or just move it to another drive, we simply copy the one folder and move it. Remember the actual playlist XML files are also contained in that same folder.
You may be now asking… Well, what if the actual path to the event folder isn’t the same as what it was on the previous computer? It’s simple, when you launch Legion and get to the launch control panel, change the ‘Event Asset Folder’ to point at the new folder location. As soon as you do that the ‘Recent Playlist’ list box should repopulate showing any playlist contained in that folder. Just double click the one you want, and everything will load as if it was still at the old location.   
Don’t worry Legion will go about enforcing this policy without asking you to jump thru hoops. You can still grab a file from a thumb drive or any other drive or folder location even from one on remote network. Its just that when you ask it to be included in the playlist Legion will end up making a copy and automatically place it into the assigned event folder for you.  
NOTE: To prevent excessive use of available drive space on your system it is recommended that you manually add all needed assets directly to the event folder and prevent the system from needing to create wasteful copies.