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How to install or transfer an online license

Activating for the first time:

For customers that did not purchase a USB license dongle and instead choose to activate their copy using our online activation server, please follow these simple steps:
1)  First ensure that your computer is connected to the internet.
2)  Launch the Legion II app.
3)  Anytime no license is detected on the computer this popup window will appear.
3)  Go ahead and click the “Yes” button.
4)  When this Registration & Activation dialog appears. Go ahead and insert the activation code you received into the text box labeled "Activation Key" and then click "Activate".
If all goes well you will see a small dialog confirming your license has been activated.
TIP: Before you continue you may want to close Legion and relaunch it to ensure that it truly recognizes the active license.
WARNING: If you purchased multiple licenses, it is very important you keep an accurate record of which key code was used to activate each computer. In order to transfer a license later you will need that exact same code used to activate.
It is also very important to remember to properly deactivate the license before you attempt to reformat and/or reinstall windows. Not doing so will make the license invalid and you may be required to purchase a new one to get back up and running again.

Transfer a license:

it is still possible to transfer the embedded license to another computer by following these simple steps.
1)  First you will need to ensure that both the old and new computers are connected to the internet.
2)  Next ensure the Legion application closed on both.
3)  On the unit you are wanting to transfer from, go to its Windows ‘Start’ menu, scroll down and click on “Legion II” then click on “Transfer EC License Utility”.
This window will now appear:
2) Enter the activation key you used originally into text box labeled Activation Key and click Deactivate.
3) At this point the current license status is encoded into the License Key and then sent back to the server. The Key on the present computer has now been destroyed.
You are now free to reuse that activation key on the new compter.