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File Menu

New Playlist:
Click this to create a new playlist.
An input box will open. Simply type in a desired name and click ‘OK’. If there is already playlist open, this action will close it and load the new one.
Open Playlist:
Opens a file explorer allowing you to load an existing playlist file. If a playlist is aleady open, this action will replace it.
NOTE: You are free to save playlist files anywhere, but it is strongly recommended you keep them in the default event asset folder.
Export Event Files:
Utility to consolidate all current playlist asset files as well as the playlist itself and export them to a folder and drive of your choosing.
You can then take and copy the folder onto another computer and if equipped with Legion all you need to do is double click on the playlist file and an instance of Legion will launch automatically setting its default event folder path to this new path. 
View Playout Log
If it is necessary to report asset usage to any rights-holding organizations, like ASCAP or BMI. Legion now can keep accurate date and time records of all playlist assets being shown.
The data is easily viewed by simply clicking this menu item.
There is also an export feature enabling you to save the data to either a CSV, XML or JSON type file. 
NOTE: It is important ensure that the Maintain Playout Log option located in global settings is checked.
Add Media File To Playlist:
Opens a file explorer allowing you to choose a desired asset file and add it to the playlist. You are free to make multiple selections and load at the same time.
NOTE: It is important to remember that all assets belonging to any playlist must be kept in the event asset folder. This way all elements related to a playlist can be easily moved as one bundle and used on other computers without having to correct the file paths within the playlist.
By default, any file retrieved from other locations will automatically be copied and placed directly into the designated event folder.
To prevent excessive use of available drive space on your system it is recommended that you manually add all needed assets directly to the event folder and prevent the system from needing to create wasteful copies. 
Shuts down the entire program.

Setting Menu


Test Pattern Menu

Test Patterns:
Here you can select to output a test pattern by selecting one from the sub menu. Simply click the same sub menu item to remove the test pattern.
NOTE: All test patterns will automatically remove itself anytime an asset is taken to program.

Help Menu

About Legion EC:
Should be self explanitory.
View Help:
Your allready here.
Online Video Tutorials:
Provides a link to the IEW Solutions Youtube channel.
Transfer License:
This menu item only appears if an online activated type of license is currently being used. If a USB dongle is used this item will not appear.

Backup Link Controls

5. Backup Link Controls
Refer to How To Setup Backup Workstation learn more.

Enable Hyperdeck Emulation

6. Enable Hyperdeck Emulation
If currently connect to an ATEM or some other controller use the HyperDeck protocols to control AV-Playback, then you can toggle this button to enable or temporarily block external commands.
Refer to HyperDeck Emulation to learn more.

Hide Output Button

7. Hide Output Button
Use this to toggle whether the program output window is visible or not. When hidden, the physical output will show whatever image or color you have as set as your computer's display background. 

Various Status Text

8. Various Status Text
This zone displays status related to various running functions.  

System Resource Levels

9. System Resource Levels
These gauges provide indication of just how much usage stress there is on your system’s three most import components. Ample headroom for all three are critical in determining the quality and performance all playback assets. If any of these three components exceed 80 - 85% the gauge will turn red and status text will display a warning advising, you to try and disable buffering on as many playlist assets as you can.