• Asset Settings Area

Asset Settings Area

This area contains a series of drop-down panels each dedicated to a set of properties or options for the asset that currently has edit focus.

First need to understand edit focus modes:
Edit focus is achieved in several ways and to help indicate which asset currently has focus, there is a colored outline that surrounds the whole property area and will change according to the selection status of an asset.
1)  When an asset is first placed into the preview position, that asset will grab edit focus. This will be indicated by a yellow outline.
2)  Once the asset has been taken to program and as long as no other asset is placed in preview, the surround color will become red and edit focus will remain on that asset.
3)  Any other asset can obtain focus by clicking on the Edit button found on both each of the thumbnail controls and each asset row of the data grid. If the asset is not in either preview or program the outline will be blue.
NOTE: If you want focus to return to current program asset, simply click on that asset thumb or data grid row.
Asset Settings Area

General Asset Information

1. General Asset Information
This area always remains visible and will populate anytime an asset has edit focus.
When an asset is added to the playlist a simple two-digit index number is assigned. Other than providing simple reference, it is also the characters you type when selecting an asset using a keyboard. It is also the code used in the writing of some external control commands.
The index number is just a default. You are free edit the ID to any alphanumeric combination you like by double clicking this field and typing in what you like. There are some rules though… You can only use letters A to Z and number 0 to 9. No special characters or punctuation marks allowed, and there must always be at least two or more characters. When using only numbers, any single digits most have a zero forward of it. It is also recommended that you limit it to no more than three characters. When done typing press the enter key.
TIP: To perform a selection using a keyboard, simply type the same characters in the ID within 3 seconds. Once the last character is typed that clip will be selected and placed into preview. However, if you miss type a character you will need to wait a few seconds for the buffer to clear before trying again.
Displays the asset’s title. By default, this is simply it’s file name. However, you are free to edit the title by simply typing in a caption you prefer. 
If you choose, you can save any kind of user notes by typing them here. 

Drop-Down Panels

2. Drop-Down Panels
Click on a panel's title bar and it will be expanded exposing those particular properties. Click again and it will collapse.
NOTE: Anytime there are no selected assets, all panels will collapse.   
Each are described in great detail. Choose from the links below to review.