• AVP Timecode Display

AVP Timecode Display

This easy to use self-contained app can be freely distributed without license to any other networked workstation and provide its user with a live timecode display of any currently running Legion II unit that has been set to broadcast their position data.

First you will need to enable the timecode broadcast in the Legion instance you want monitored.  On that unit go to the "Settings" menu and then click on "Global Properties". Now make sure the "Enable AVP Timecode Packets" option is checked and click "Done".
Next you will need to copy the executable file on all the PC’s you want to display the reader on.  We have provided an easy link labeled "AV-Timecode Display Source Folder" under ‘Legion II’ in your Windows start menu. A file explorer of the folder will appear, simply copy “AVPTimecodeDisplay.exe” to a thumb drive.This file is self-contained and does not require of any sort of invasive installation. All you need to do simply copy onto the desktop of the receiving computers and then just double click it to launch.
It may seem self-explanatory, but remember that each receiving computer must be on the same network with the Legion workstation and share the same sub-net address.   
AVP Timecode Display


Settings Menu

1. Settings Menu
Click this to display the setting menu.
Available Play Unit List:
All currently broadcasting play unit will appear here. Click on the desired workstation to set its activity as the one being displayed.
Select from its sub menu whether the time display will be either counting down or up with elapsed time.
Show Trimmed Time:
When checked time will reflect position data relative to duration between any punch in and out points.    

Current Clip Title

2. Current Clip Title
Show the title of media currently in program for the connected play unit.

Current Timecode

3. Current Timecode
Shows position timecode for media currently in program on the connected play unit.
The text color shows red when time is counting down and green when viewing elapsed time.