Fill Adjustments

1. Fill Adjustments
Fill adjustments alter the visible portion (frame) size and position within a fixed container (screen).
Left and Top minimums are a negative value of the assets native number of pixels width / height respectfully divided by 2. Where the max is the positive value equal assets total number of pixels width / height respectfully. 

Rotate Frame

2. Rotate Frame
Adjusting this will rotate the frame up to 270 degrees within the confines of our container.

Zoom Adjustments

3. Zoom Adjustments
Zoom allows you to magnify the element (zoom in) up to 10 time its original size.
Value range is a decimal from 1 to 10.
Default = 1.
Pan X & Pan Y:
When zoom value is greater than 1, you can use Pan X shift the magnified area horizontally. Use Pan Y to shift vertically.
Value range is an integer from 0 to the assets native number of pixels wide (X) and height (Y).
Default = X and Y divided by 2 respectfully. 

Flip Frame

4. Flip Frame
These simply invert the frame on either the X or Y axis.

Maintain Aspect

5. Maintain Aspect
When checked the frame will always maintain the asset native aspect ratio. When enabled independent width and height adjustment are not available. Instead altering either will effect both. 

Snap Buttons

6. Snap Buttons
Use these snap buttons to easily position our frame within the container.

Frame Crop Adjustments

7. Frame Crop Adjustments
Use the following to blank out portions of our frame.
Value range is an integer from 0 to the assets native number of pixels wide (Left & Right) and height (Top & Bottom).