HyperDeck Emulation

Blackmagic ATEM users will really appreciate this feature.
When “HyperDeck Emulation” is enabled, AVP presents itself on the network and to an ATEM switcher as if it was an actual HyperDeck video play unit. This means that you can use the ATEM’s built-in deck control feature to control Legion II.
To enable, first go to Global Settings and select Enable Hyperdeck Emulation. After which the system will immediately begin waiting for an ATEM to atempt connection.
There is an enormous potential of having a robust play-out solution like AV-Playback integrate directly with an ATEM switcher. Now you can take advantage of the switcher’s autoplay feature This feature automatically instructs Legion to play anytime the assigned input is selected. On top of that, last minute file additions can be added to an event playlist with so much more ease. No more worrying about whether the file is the correct resolution or frame rate, since the output is a computer display, the feed into the switcher’s HDMI port will always remain the same. All the current transport controls in the ATEM are enabled including the jog and shuttle. The ATEM will even be able to update automatically when clips are either added or removed from the AVP playlist.