EASY Ethernet to keyboard emulation AV-Key

AV-Key is now our newest solution for the audio/visual professional.



  • Versatility:  AV-Key is a versatile windowless utility that enables you to remotely control applications that do not offer any native way to control them remotely. Thankfully though, most do allow the triggering of actions via keyboard short keys, this is where AV-KEY steps in, acting as a bridge. AV-KEY listens for commands received via Ethernet and converts them into keystrokes. Now when any program on the receiving computer has keyboard focus, the keystrokes emulated by AV-KEY are received just as if it was typed directly on the keyboard.
  • Multiple Instances:  You can have multiple instances listening on different computers at the same time enabling synchronized control of supporting and/or backup instances of an application.
  • Repeater Mode:  When an instance is placed in “Repeater (Master)” mode, keys typed locally are broadcast and can be received by any other instances set to “Repeater (Slave)”. You do not even need to use your keyboard. AV-KEY hears keystrokes generated by a DSAN Perfect Cue or even UPR (Universal Presenter Remote).
  • Companion Ready: Sending commands to an AV-KEY listener is possible from any app that can transmit UDP network packets such as Companion. If Companion is used, you can take advantage of the AV-Key plugin that is now available.

  • Keep Program Focus (Plus Only): This exclusive feature enables the user to select a program currently running on the computer (e.g. PowerPoint) and effectively force it to always receive keyboard focus anytime AV-Key receives a command from a remote source thus ensuring it never misses a cue.
  • Focus Lock (Plus Only): Another exclusive feature is when using AV-Key to transmit local keystrokes to other AV-Key’s, the user can lock focus on a program you pre-select, and then anytime you type, that program will automatically regain keyboard focus. This ensures that the selected program (e.g. A Powerpoint deck) will always get the short key even if it had inadvertently lost focus to another program. This even works when using devices, such as Perfect Cue or even UPR.
  • Custom Controllers (Plus Only): Another way to communicate with AV-KEY is by incorporating its custom control protocol into any existing or custom application that can transmit UDP Ethernet packets. Click here to view an outline of the protocol.
  • Cost Effective: AV_KEY is offered in two versions, FREE to use and a paid PLUS version, however, features do vary between the two. In the free version you are limited to only having two instances running on the same network at a time, whereas the “Plus” version can have an unlimited number of instances active at a time. Also, there are no usage limits. Buy one copy you can use it on as many computer as you like!

Compare Versions

Compatible with Companion.XX
Transmit local keystrokes.XX
Have more than two instances running on same network.X
Assign a single program to remain in focus when receiving commands.X
Designate a single program to be the only one that transmits local keystrokes when in focus.X
Lock focus on designated program, forcing that program to always have focus anytime the user types.X
UDP listener able to recive custom Ascii command strings.X
Receive complete formatted text string sentences that can be forwarded to any document editor.X


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