This cost effective Windows based media playback application incorporates the latest and most advanced video rendering technology capable of supporting up to 230 different file types as well as offering a full list of additional robust features a professional playback operator will find indispensable.



For L1 we took a different approach… Everything needed for operation is all in one window.

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For L1 we took a different approach Everything needed for operation is divided into three major control sections which are all contained in one window.

Large Thumbnails:  We also opted for a more tactical look and feel. Instead of using a plain data table list as in earlier versions, all playlist elements appear as large thumbnails. This provides you with a higher level of confidence that even under stress you will make the right selection.
Each thumbnail panel offers not only a large selection zone to click on but also contains quick action toggle buttons to important options like Fade, Link, Loop, Hold, Info and Remove.

Element Settings Panel: All property settings which each media element is contained in this economic and easy to access panel.

Preview and Program Control Sections: Each one is outfitted with their own fully independent transport controls as well as large viewing monitors.
Each also contains their own graphical timeline tools enabling you to easily perform trim edits on the fly, even while media is playing.

Launch Control: Even as a trimmed down version, L1 still provides a convenient launch control panel to get you up and running quickly.



True Crossfading: When the fade option is engaged each clip will gently fade in and out of black or if another clip is launched while one is already playing there will a smooth crossfade of each element.

Dual Operating Modes: Considering the wide range of varying capabilities a users computer might be equipped with, L1 provides two different ways to manage how the app utilizes system memory.

The default option is to pre-buffer ahead of time all media elements contained in the playlist. This provides the highest level of agility and smoothness of playback when needing to aggressively make rapid selections all while media is playing. However, the price paid for that agility is much more of ram memory is absorbed meaning your computer needs to be well equipped with at least 8 to 16GB of RAM.

For systems that are not as well equipped, you can opt to not pre-buffer. In this situation, each clip is only loaded when selected. This dramatically reduces the amount of system memory needed. Although there is a downside to this, in that it requires more time between selections to load media into memory. It is only recommended that option only is utilized if only occasional playing of media files and there is ample time in between to set for your next cue.

Custom Pixel Spaces: By default, the program pixel space conforms directly with the dimensions of the assigned output display, but you can also choose to extend that space and span across multiple displays. This is accomplished internally and does not require any other outboard devices. All you need to have is a multi-output graphics GPU as part of your computer.

In-Sync Backup: L1 offers the easiest setup of a backup unit yet. Just have both computers share the same network assign one as the primary and other as the backup. Open each, click on one button, and now anything performed on the primary will be mimicked on the backup as well. This includes even the automatic transfer of media files from one machine to the other.

Remote Command Listener: Open its UDP packet listener and L1 conforms perfectly with our AVP Connectionless Protocol enabling operation via any third party device that can transmit custom ethernet command strings.

HyperDeck Emulation: Following in tradition of its big brother L1 can connect seamlessly with any Blackmagic ATEM switcher. When on the same network as the ATEM, you can than go into the switcher’s HyperDeck control panel, assign AVP’s IP address and the switcher will see it as if it were another available HyperDeck. Now you can take advantage of the switcher’s auto play feature This feature automatically instructs AVP to play anytime the assigned input is selected.

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