Dominion provides users with a complete tactile control solution for many of the industries best presentation switchers, such as Vista-Christie Spyder X-20 or 300 series switchers, Barco’s E2 or S3 and Analog Way’s Ascender. Dominion can also provide easy control of matrix routing switchers, such as Lightware’s MX series and Black Magic’s Videohub. Added support for additional switchers will be a ongoing process. Future revisions will always be made available free of charge



Key Difference
Following in the footsteps of AV-Presets, Dominion again sets itself apart from the competition by being the universal fit for the always changing needs of today’s live productions. Sharing in the core method of communication and talking directly with the switching frame regardless of whether or not the switchers own native software is running makes this also the perfect backup companion. This communication is bi-directional so by consuming the switchers return status, Dominion can offer the user live depiction of both preview and program destinations, current source/layer sizes, positions and indications to which preset number are in preview, as well as in program. All of the other great features offered in AV-Presets can also be found in Dominion. So as if that wasn’t good enough, it continues even further by being able to maintain a live connection to two different switchers simultaneously, even between totally different switcher types and even between different brands (e.g. X-20 and an E2 or E2 and Lightware MX.)

Dominion is Versatile
Given the console’s ability to maintain a live connection to multiple frames at the same time, we decided to add Macro capabilities. Operators can now create custom macro scripts enabling one button activation of multiple command and/or presets. Precise time delays can be inserted in between commands, aiding in execution timings.

Dominion is Efficient
The console is completely self-contained and does not require an additional PC, in fact the consoles operating system features an INTEL® Bay Trail-M N2930 processor running Windows 10. Additionally the system is equipped with it’s own Bluetooth receiver, enabling the use of external keyboards, mice or track-pads.

Future upgrades and/or patches can be automatically installed by way of the built-in WIFI capability. Simply allow the console to connect to area hot-spots and the firmware will perform it’s own search, notifying you of any availability.




Physical Layout:

Interactive Push Buttons: There are total of 27 interactive push buttons, enabling direct activation of all presets and/or command keys. Each button contain its own LCD screen which provide visual display of the original key labeling, plus register the number and command type.

From left to right across the bottom, there are two buttons dedicated for conveniently cycling the preset buttons through an array of pages that may be necessary if an event contains more than 20 commands. It will also align itself with any page assignments already created within the Spyder programming. Displays on these buttons will let users know which page they are currently on.

To the right of those is a dedicated button that allows the user to quickly replace the preset buttons with Dominion’s exclusive macro buttons.

Rounding out the bottom row are two option buttons, that can assume different purposes based on which switcher an operator is currently connected to. The Spyder version consist of one button to replace the display of presets with function keys, while the other button enables AV-Presets exclusive toggling feature.

Finishing out the total array are two dedicated push buttons, one for activation of the switcher’s auto transition and one for enabling a clean – quick cut between preview and program layers, even on Spyder systems. (Another Dominion exclusive.)[/item]

Color Touchscreen Display: The console comes equipped with its own 10-inch color touchscreen display. This monitor is mounted externally, providing the user with the ability to adjust it to their desired viewing angle. Via this touch display operators can monitor current preview and program destinations and layers, set-up and activate current frame connections, quickly toggle between switching frames, clear or freeze all layers, toggle backgrounds, design and call up the macro display, and access all console admin settings.



Where Do We Go From Here?

Dominion’s concept and design is such that it serves as a perfect platform for future expansion. We at ifelseWare, Inc. are dedicated in providing the audio visual industry with the best operational control solutions possible. As an example, we already have plans on the drawing board to include control of popular video playback devices and media servers. Combine that with ifelseWare’s superior customer support (patches for reported issues are published on average within 24 to 48 hours) you can feel rest assured that investing now in AVP-Dominion will continue paying back dividends long into the future.