Legion II is our newest professional media playback solution. Now with more efficient file playback. Ability to ingest live video and audio capture. Input and/or output NDI. Stream to HDMI/DP and SDI. Clone PGM space and output both HDMI/DP and SDI. Output individual alpha only channel. Support for multi-channel ASIO audio and so much more.

  • Ingest live video and audio capture via supported devices, even NDI streams.
  • Ability to clone the PGM space and output it as an individual alpha channel for downstream keying.
  • Playout multiple live asset layers simultaneously.
  • Spool up additional assets to play independently overtop all other running assets.
  • Wide array of stunning visual transitions.
  • Ability to playout up to 16 separate audio tracks.
  • Add and create complex opacity masks both globally for the program output as well as individual assets.
  • Built-in LTC generator and so much more.

More and more when paired with the right hardware, Legion II’s widening capabilities and affordable price, is quickly making it the prefect choice for multimedia playout on most medium to large live event presentations.

USD $529.00

Each purchase includes 2 licenses.
Take advantage of always having a free license to use for a backup workstation.

This is a free upgrade for owners of our older V2 & L1 products. Their license will unlock Legion II.

Optional items:
USB Dongles: USD $36.00 pr.

**If you plan on working with media containing 3 or more audio channels:
2 - Licenses for MBSE Multichannel ASIO Renderer: USD $70.00 pr.

New Ergonomic & Intuitive Layout

Full Featured Monitoring & Transport Controls
Large preview & program monitors. New and improved timeline control. Intuitive, easy to understand transport controls. Accurate position timecode display for both elapsed and countdown. Placeable cueing tags for quick access to adjustable timepoints as well as segmented countdown to position readout.

Asset Cataloging

Legion provides the user with two different types of controls to work from. One is a an array of what we call thumb panels. The other is a more conventional data table. You are free to work from either. You can easily adjust just how much of each you want visible. Both provides the same level of control, so it is up to you as to which you prefer using.

Asset Properties

Each playlist asset is affored a number of its own custom properties:

Mix & Match Asset Video & Audio Sources

Ability to mix and match visual and audio sources of a single asset. You can think of a playlist asset more like a preset where multiple sources can be combined and played as one.

Trim & Behavior

Provides easy edit of trim times, linking and looping and other important properties.

ASIO Multi-Channel Audio Support

Each asset is able to select their own two channel audio devices or choose to output via a multi-channel ASIO.
(Requires optional MBSE ASIO Renderer)

Add Live Backgrounds & Overlays

Pre-assign desired background element along with up to two other assets that can be played as an overlay.

Transition & Shader Effects

Choose In & Out transition types separately. Also take advantage of an assortment of visual shader effects.

Advance Geometry

Fill and crop Adjustments as well as orientation.

Visual Treatments

Provide additional decorating effects such as borders, radius mask, drop shadows and blurring to any visual playlist asset.

Opacity Mask Designer
Integrated, simple to use utility for creating and applying masks globally to the entire program space, or simply for a single asset.

Improved Handling of Display Outputs
Ouput & Pixelspace Handeling

Interactive display of current output positing and orientation as well as controls for engaging program streaming to SDI and/or NDI.

Stream Deck Compatible
Stream Deck Compatible

Conveniently setup and use the Elgato Stream Deck as a full featured control surface without the need for any additional software.

Additional Features

  • Custom Pixel Spaces: By default, the program pixel space conforms directly with the dimensions of the assigned output display, but you can also choose to extend that space and span across multiple displays.
  • In-Sync Backup: Legion offers the easiest setup of a backup unit yet. Just have both computers share the same network assign one as the primary and other as the backup. Open each, click on one button, and now anything performed on the primary will be mimicked on the backup as well. This includes even the automatic transfer of media files from one machine to the other.
  • Remote Command Listener: Open its UDP packet listener and Legion conforms perfectly with our AVP Connectionless Protocol enabling operation via any third-party device that can transmit custom ethernet command strings.
  • Companion Compatible: Take advantage of the Elgato Stream Deck to remotely control any Legion playback product via the Bitfocus Companion host server. Just select the “IEW Solutions (aka ifelseWare) AV-Playback” module under “Add connection”.
  • HyperDeck Emulation: Connect seamlessly with any Blackmagic ATEM switcher. When on the same network as the ATEM, you can than go into the switcher’s HyperDeck control panel, assign AVP’s IP address and the switcher will see it as if it were another available HyperDeck.
  • LTC Timecode Generator: Built-in LTC timecode signal generator that can easily be assigned to output on any available audio port. This makes it very easy to distribute it to other devices that need to sync with program media.
  • AVP Timecode Display: This convenient executable can be easily copied onto any computer, without the need for any invasive installation or license. The application, when active on a computer that is currently connected to the same network, will display position data from any enabled AVP node. This position data reflects the current running time of whatever is playing out to program.