AV-PlaybackComparison Guide

Supports over 230 different video file types.XXX
Support for audio only media files.XXX
Support for still image files.XXX
Span a single pixel space across multiple display outputs.XXX
In-sync backup capability.XXX
External UDP command listeners.XXX
Hyperdeck  emulation.XXX
Fill frame geometry adjustments.XXX
Fill clip/crop adjustments.XX
Independently control preview engine.XX
Separate program and preview confidence video monitors XX
Separate program and preview audio outputs XX
True video and audio crossfadingXX
Fast Forward & Rewind buttonsXX
Separate networkable remote timecode display utility.XX
Built In test pattern generator.XX
Convient launch control window.XX
View clip elements as thumbnails.XX
Ability to connect to the AV-Sync Hub and be controlled as one.XX
Multiple overlay layers with timeline execution.X
Support for live video inputs.X
Ability to clock sync multiple video elements and play as one.X
Ability to sync play multiple video clips and output to separate destination screens.X
3D geometry positioning  effects.X
Frame warping.X
Proc adjustments (brightness, chroma, etc…).X
Built in file conversion utility.X
AV-Sync Hub program included.X
Ability to generate and transmit LTC timecode signal.X