Our Founder & President:

Gregory Meisel is a highly accomplished software and hardware developer with over 30 years of experience in the field. Throughout his career, he has led several projects, ranging from automation solutions for theater and multimedia production to real-time data acquisition for military command and control processes. His expertise lies in interfacing with clients, analyzing requirements, and developing appropriate architectures.

Gregory Meisel - President IEW Solutions

Greg has a high proficiency in the research and testing of appropriate technologies and platforms, and he has developed code functions to bridge various programming languages and methodologies. He has also led teams responsible for the design and fulfillment of several commercial and military R&D initiatives. John is known for his ability to plan and execute projects in collaboration with product owners, ensuring that teams have appropriate product and technical specifications, direction, and resources to deliver products effectively. He has established realistic estimates for timelines and conducted regular progress meetings to ensure that projects remain on target.

In addition to his leadership skills, Greg is also an excellent mentor and trainer. He has managed stress testing models, validating their operational effectiveness, and collecting feedback from examiners. He has evaluated test data and performed in-field improvements to internal functions and/or UI design, ensuring maximum user confidence and effectiveness. He is a highly motivated original thinker with a breadth of real-world field experience and IT knowledge. John is well-spoken, energetic, confident, and personable, one who is capable and willing to embrace any challenge head-on.

Greg is proficient in several programming languages, including C#, Object C, C++, Java Script, HTML, XAML, LINQ, and Assembler. He is also versed in other various frameworks, such as .NET Core, ASP.NET, Android, iOS, Ladder logic, WordPress, Joomla, and Facebook SDK.

Greg is also skilled in AWS cloud sever management, Linux OS as well as the use of Adobe Premier, Photoshop, After Effects, as well as AutoCAD, DraftSight and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint & Excel.

Before launching IEW Solutions, Greg was managing partner and lead developer at Flashpoint Media Services LLC. During his tenure, he pioneered many industry advancements, such as the first digital photo proof viewing application designed for remote on-site viewing and the creation of an online photo proof viewing and sales solution, greatly expanding customer reach. When combined with the many other automation tools he developed, customer satisfaction and work-flow efficiency was greatly improved, resulting in increased sales and a substantial drop in operating costs.

In addition to his software development expertise, John is also a skilled photographer, with 12 years of experience shooting professionally. He is also proficient in audio/visual production, technical direction, multimedia design and automation, FOH audio engineering, lighting design, broadcast video engineering, and switching.

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