• Understading Playlist Types

Understading Playlist Types

The playlist control is the heart and soul of the AV-Playback system. From this, you control most of functions available. You can have multiple playlist controls open at the same time. Although the total number of Video Playlists is limited the number of available video outputs. When a video playlist loaded it assumes ownership of a given destination and for as long as that playlist is open, no other playlists will be able to use it. The actual destination each playlist uses can be altered to suit your needs, simply use the Display Output Selection Tool.

NOTE: Available outputs are not limited to just physical monitor outputs on the local workstation. If more destinations are needed you can assign another workstation, containing the AV-Playback program, to act as a remote node. When connected a Master workstation will see it as if there were another physical output on the computer.  Refer to Understanding Workstation Roles to learn more.


There are two types of playlist -

Video Playlist Unit:

This playlist support three different media types: Video, Music/Audio Only and Still Images. Any of these media types can be added to the actual play list in any order you like.
Since this type primarily handles visual media files a separate external monitor is necessary. 

NOTE: AV-Playback cannot operate in a single screen type arrangement. In other words, the primary video output cannot be the workstations ‘Main’ desktop display. If AVP does not detect any other available output, attempting to load a video playlist will be met with this message prompt alerting you to this fact.  


Music (Audio Only) Playlist Unit:

The primary difference of this type of playlist, is the fact that it only support audio only type files. That being the fact means no external monitor output is necessary. Otherwise the control interface is almost identical to the Video Playlist Unit, along with much same functionality. The only real difference is that the Preview Control    is no longer necessary or even available.

NOTE: Technically there is no limit to the number of Music Playlists open at the same time. Unlike video outputs the Windows audio outputs can mix multiple channels together.