• Display Selection Panel

Display Selection Panel

This tool makes it easy to select the desired output screen for a given playlist.

Display Selection Panel
This panel appears over the clip thumbnails after you click ‘Select Video Display Output’ under the Settings menu.

Output Display Picker

1. Output Display Picker
The display picker automatically draws an individual icon representing a screen destination. Only destinations that qualify as an external output will be displayed. The only one not shown is the one classified by the workstation, as the ‘Main Display’. AV-Playback will always reserve that one for its own user interface. Do not confuse this with AVP’s ‘Primary’ designation, that is simply the apps way illustrating the one that is selected.

Selected Destination

To select simply click on the desired output and select "Make Primary".
As illustrated the icon’s background color will turn color from gray to blue, as well as display owning playlist’s title.
2. Selected Destination
Another key feature of L1 is the ability to create custom spanned pixel spaces. A spanned space effectively extends a single program output across multiple display screens. This is useful when needing to display ultrawide resolutions that exceed the capability of a single output.
To prepare for a spanned space and before you open AV-Playback, first go to Windows Display Settings and ensure that all display outputs are arranged in a horizontal pattern with each aligned equally along the top of each other. Determine which outputs will be used together and arrange them in order left to right, like it appears below.
Now return to AV-Playback and this Output Display Control and select the first(left) output in your span and designate as the primary. Now right click on each of the next outputs in your span and select “Span With Primary”. After which it should appear like below:

Cancel Button

3. Cancel Button
Clicking this will close the panel without saving any changes.

Save / Re-Configure Button

4. Save / Re-Configure Button
Click this to save the necessary selections. Once this is done, a sequence of events will occur... First, the window will close then the playlist will close but then immediately reopen using the newly selected outputs. It would be wise not to perform these steps while a clip is playing in program.