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How to transfer license to another computer

For customers that did not purchase a USB license dongle and instead activated their copy using our online server you can still easily transfer your embedded license to another computer by following these simple steps.
NOTE: In order to perform this operation both computers need to be connected to the internet and you will need a copy of the activation key data you received after making the original purchase.
1) Open the AV-Playback application but do not load any playlists. Instead click on Transfer License under the Help menu.
This window will now appear:
2) In this utility paste in the activation key you received after purchase into text box labeled Activation Key and click Deactivate.
3) At this point the current license status is encoded into the License Key and sent to the server automatically and the Key on the present computer is destroyed.
4) Now you can go to the new computer and activate its installed copy as if it were new by starting the unlicensed app and when the welcome dialog appears
 click YES which will then open the Registration & Activation dialog. Go ahead and insert the same activation code into the text box labeled Activation Key and click Activate.
Thats your done!
There is no limit to how many times you can do this.