• Confidence Monitor

Confidence Monitor

Every active video playlist will feature its own confidence monitor. By default, the window will appear to the right of the Playlist Control. Its height will match that of the playlist control and its width reflect the aspect ratio of the assigned destination screen.  Each monitor window can be resized and/or moved and anywhere to suit your desired layout. You can even drag it on to an extra screen output. The location and size information is stored within the playlist file. Meaning that the next time you load this playlist file, the confidence window will automatically return to the last position it was in at the time the list was closed.

Confidence Monitor


Program Display

Displays in real time, the clip currently playing out to program.

Preview Display

When a base clip is first selected this will display a simple thumbnail image retrieved from the files own header. (Same thumbnail that appears in the file explorer.) This is done to provide the user with a quick confirmation of the chosen clip and to prevent unnecessary reloading of the preview buffer when rapidly selecting next or previous clips.
Once a clip is instructed to play in preview this image is replaced with the clips actual video output.

Display Orientation Menu

3. Display Orientation Menu
If desired the user can right-click anywhere within the preview display to access the popup menu that allows you select between a vertical split (shown above) orientation or a horizontal split.

Audio Output VU

4. Audio Output VU
For both program and preview respectfully, this provides an active display of audio levels for the currently playing clip.

Positioning Data

5. Positioning Data
For both program and preview respectfully, this provides an active display of the clips current transport status as well as positioning data.