• Confidence Monitor

Confidence Monitor

Every active video playlist will feature its own confidence monitor. By default, the window will appear to the right of the Playlist Control. Its height will match that of the playlist control and its width reflect the aspect ratio of the assigned destination screen.  Each monitor window can be resized and/or moved and anywhere to suite your desired layout. You can even drag it on to an extra screen output. The location and size information is stored within the playlist file. Meaning that the next time you load this playlist file, the confidence window will automatically return to the last position it was in at the time the list was closed.   
Confidence Monitor

Program Display

1. Program Display
Displays in real time, the clip currently in the gate.

NOTE: Since the confidence monitor is only viewed by the operator and inorder to keep any undue stress on the video engine to a minimum, less emphasis is placed on making sure the confidence monitor is maintaining a full steady frame rate.  As a result, the frame rate can vary depending on the total number of active playlists or if it is feed is coming from a remote node. 


Preview Display

2. Preview Display
With this display, you can see the clip currently in standby. This view will disappear once the clip is taken to program (In the gate) or when there simply isn’t any element in standby.
By default, when a standby selection is made, the window will show the clip at 5 seconds in. You however can change that time point, hover you mouse cursor over the preview window and then roll the mouse wheel up to rewind and down to adjust it forward.